CT Creative Wedding Photography

My name is Mike Keo

I’m a CT Wedding Photographer specializing in making my couples feel amazing and natural on their wedding day. I love singing off-key to Prince, Bob’s burger, grilling, crafting cocktails,  and finding suits. My photography style is editorial and opulent. I enjoy using both natural and enhanced lighting which means I can photograph in the darkest rooms. My couples receive a final collection that blends high fashion, fine art, and emotional candid images.

When I first started, I was commissioned to make cover films for Vogue, MUSE, and Bullett. At that time, I was an active Kundiman Fellow. What I’ve learned in poetry has allow me to create interactions between my subjects and capture a more natural and real moment during stuffy formals.

In 2010, a college friend asked me to christen his latest photography venture and I offered, “The Terrible Child Photography: Images with Character.” Needless to say, he hated it so I picked up the moniker and a used camera. Since then, my weddings have taken me across the globe including Hong Kong, Greece, Croatia, Cambodia, Aruba, and all across the United States. My passport and gear is always up to date and I have a pair of short shorts for exotic locations. I live in West Hartford with my wife and son.