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My name is Mike, I’m a husband and father. I love Prince, Zangief Jack Gilbert, and dressing up my son for photos! Here’s a portrait of the little guy. kid

The backstory

My grandmother June 2010
My grandmother June 2010

A popular question I get is what makes you different? I won’t tell you it’s the gear or that I can create sunlight (which, I can). I like to believe it was a gift from my grandmother. That I can see the remarkable in the ordinary. My passion and eye for storytelling came long before poetry and photography. Many years ago, my family fled the genocide in Cambodia with what they could carry and made a home in Connecticut. Among the things they carried were portraits of the loved and lost who now adorn my parent’s dining room wall.

What I miss most about my grandmother was being able to sit with her in the waiting room. Each doctor visit, there were many, she’d paint the past with her sharp mind. Once she’d told me about her frequent business trips cross country. She didn’t talk much about the trains or the merchants with their fine silk. Instead, she remembered bringing pounds and pounds of fresh fruit back home each time. She’ll remember the firm shade and her children sitting around a table waiting to devour a mountain of bananas or jackfruit or lychees.


I didn’t pick up a camera until my twenties where I jumped into photography over a dare. I’ve always wanted to be a storyteller and being a photographer was a reckless leap in the dark. Fortunately, I landed on my feet and have been documenting weddings for over five years!  My work can be described as timeless, opulent, and emotive. I love how great light, beautiful faces, and small gestures can stay with you for a lifetime. What I love most of all about weddings is that they provide authentic moments and I want to share what I see.

I love getting to know my couples and incorporating their lives into the photos. I want to capture what will be important. Being a photographer isn’t a job, it’s a passion.

My gear

My wife and friends think I’m silly. I like to think I’m prepared! My case has a lot of gear, including three cameras, wireless lighting, and backup gear. Never hurts to be ready! Full list here.