How to Plan Your Maternity Photo shoot

How to incorporate your child into a maternity photo shoot and more tips

For our second pregnancy, I wanted to be the one behind the camera. Motherhood is a wonderful and trying experience for us. This pregnancy was bumpier than our first time but is now zooming by comfortably. These portraits celebrate my wife and son’s journey. What was important, for me, was to capture the special bond I see everyday between mother, son, and our newest one. Cole definitely loves his mother more than me and is starting to like his little brother! In this post, we’ll go over how to prepare for your maternity photo shoot and incorporate your child at our Manchester, CT studio.

Son and Mom
Cole giving his brother advice

What to wear to your maternity session

I have a collection of maternity clothes for our expectant CT mothers just to make things easier. Because, let’s be real, there aren’t many choices for maternity clothes in Connecticut.

During 2016, my wife had trouble finding clothes and it really damper the fun from planning a special moment in our lives. We took our portraits at Peace Pagoda with my friend and colleague, Ryan Williams of Four Wings Photography. She tried Destination Motherhood and the mall but couldn’t find the right dress. She ended up ordering maternity dresses online from ASOS.

This pregnancy, I’m a bit more seasoned. I found her dresses off Etsy! We had a great experience with Mystical Maternity and Leah Maria Coulture Shop. If you wanted to buy your own dresses, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 and up to $300. Be mindful that some gowns can take 8-12 weeks to make.

For colors I recommend blush, pinks, white and other soft neutrals. They work gracefully with our hand painted backdrops and handmade chaise from Joybird! Lace adds an softness to your photos while thicker gowns are more striking. Purple and Navy work well with our hand painted gray backdrops.

Maternity Session in CT
Lace Dress from Mystical Maternity

Hair and Make Up

I recommend hair and make up before your session. It’ll make you feel like a goddess and a nice way to pamper yourself! My wife went to my friends at Tara’s Beauty Studio in Rocky Hill. I love a natural glow for your maternity session! If you like we can hire the artist for you and have them meet you at our studio. It is customary to tip them 15-20% for their services.

Hair and Make up for CT Maternity Photographer
Cole putting on the final touches.

How to incorporate your child into the Maternity Session

Outtakes from Ct Maternity Photoshoot
Outtakes of Cole having fun with his mom.

I have activities and toys for the little ones at our studio. However, the most fun they can have is by joining you during your session! I think the bond between siblings is extraordinary. This is the perfect time to see how your firstborn will interact with his or her little sibling! It also helps that they seem the photo get captured in real time on a television set.

In the beginning of our pregnancy my son voiced his displeasure. When he told us he didn’t want his brother around I told him, “You have no choice”. Which was followed by a “Uh, oh!” Cole has since softened and agree to hand down his clothes. This may be the result of him struggling to fit into his 6-9 month jeans and getting stuck. Again, who knows?

At the Maternity session, my son hugged and kissed his brother. He shared jokes and his favorite book. Allowing my son to be himself and run rampant was the best route. He felt confident and helpful and it was a joy to witness him stepping into the role of troublemaker, I mean big brother. I wouldn’t have trade this experience for anything in the world!

CT Maternity Photographer
Cole signalling he’s still number one.

After Your Session

I offer a boutique experience and will invite you within two weeks to place your order. It’s important to print these lovely portraits and have them presented in your nursery or hallway. It’ll let you celebrate the joys and trials of motherhood daily. I’ll help you decide on the best way to showcase your images which includes sizing, frame selection, and finish.

We can also start planning your newborn session which can take place at home on in studio with you and your partner. Personally, I made a small album to commemorate my son becoming a big brother. My wife and I loved these images!

CT Maternity photographer and children photography
Thank you for reading!

I hope the tips here help you with your maternity session planning. If you like to learn more about planning your session with us please use this form and we’d be happy to get back to you.

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