Protecting your memories

Do you have a data backup solution?

What if you dropped your phone in water or your phone were to get stolen? You may have insurance, however, that won’t guarantee your photos and videos will survive. The same can be said about the files on your computer. We don’t realize how important data backup is until the inevitable happens.

As a photographer, I take portraits of some very important moments and am vigilant about how data is kept. Here are some tips to help you.

Cape Cod Children Photographer
Family Vacation Cape Cod 2012 Nikon D800 85MM ISO 80, F7.1, 1/250th s
Lighting: Einstein 640 with Octabox and reflector (camera right)

When this image was taken in 2012, these two were in elementary school. Now they’re teenagers with the oldest looking at colleges. Make sure your files are backed up! You will not be able to recapture family portraits like this.

Cloud Service

There are two types of backups. Cloud storage and local storage.

Cloud storage is internet based back ups. iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Photos allow you to backup your data online. They each offer a yearly subscription that allows you to pay for how much space you need.

I’m a big fan of cloud storage. Why? Because life can get busy. We don’t pay attention to our data because we assume nothing will go wrong. Cloud storage can run automatically for you. I use Google Photos where every personal photo or video I take on my phone is instantaneously backed up when I’m connected to WiFi. It’s amazing!

For my professional work, I use drop box to store collections. Both of these services allow me to access and share my data from any device regardless of where I am.

Candid Family Photograph
Peace Pagoda Leverett, MA 2009, Mamiya 645 Scan

Local Storage

Local Storage is putting your data into a physical backup such as a USB or External Hard Drive. When photographing a destination wedding, I store my images redundantly on both memory cards, my laptop, and an external hard drive. I leave one one in my camera bag, one in the suitcase, one with my wife (if she’s traveling with me), and the other on my personal carry on. This gives me peace of mind and prevents loss of data due to theft, carelessness, or breakage. I do this because I know how magical it is when people come together.

If you are traveling in rough terrain the Lacie Hard drive is amazing. They’re shock absorbent and can take a tumble. I also enjoy what Seagate offers. These two are portable and are powered up by your USB. You may also consider one that is connected to your desktop at all times.

I back up my images onto multiple devices in case of failure. I recommend having your images on at least two hard drives. It’s really easy–just click and drop. I purchased a label printer to help me better organize my archives.

Wedding in Old Lyme
Kristyn + Anthony, 2016 Private Estate Wedding Nikon D810 24MM, ISO 800, F5, 1/50th s

Other Backups

Nothing beats having your hard copies of your photographs! Have you spent a rainy day going through old family albums? It can be such a thrill! Currently, my wife uses this printer for her cell phone photos. It’s nice to be able to see images on my son printed and in my wallet.

From 1985, My big cousin Sopheak and I

Data backup is very important and should be done monthly if possible. This ensures that you get to keep your memories as long as possible!

Alas, I think the best way to experience a moment is to see it printed out and in your hands. I was too young to to remember taking this photo, however, I appreciate it because my cousin and I are still very close. I can always reach out to her for guidance or just to talk about house plants, home decor, and where to eat when I’m in Boston.

After you back up your data, please try to get your images off your device and into your homes.

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