Bill & Yoek

Long Beach, California

Destination Wedding in Long Beach, California

People often ask me what destination wedding is my favorite. I love mountains, bright oysters, & calm seas. However, what I love most has to be the ordinary experiences. I still dream of waking up in Marathopolis & heading to the bakery next to Stacy’s childhood home for ice cream. I cherish sitting at a round table and having discussion over good food & wine with the people who live there.  This tradition now exist in Long Beach.
I first met Yoek at Lay & Thomas’s Cambodian wedding. I met her fiance, Bill, on the second day of the wedding in the Tep’s backyard. We were speaking of the band Dengue Fever, Phnom Penh Noodles, and places to eat. Not knowing he was Khmer, I told him I was amazed by his knowledge of everything Cambodian. The entire table was in an uproar! They were wonderful, relaxed, and fun! It felt like a meeting of old friends besides a table of new people. The last night of our 2015 trip, we wounded up at a Yakitori table eating family style & having ice cream with our new friends.
Last year, Bill & Yoek asked me to come back and I jumped at the opportunity. They had a relaxed Khmer-Chinese wedding. The door games were a hoot & the tea ceremony became emotional charged. They exchanged vows privately on a romantic cliff and we took formal portraits at the South Coast Botanical Gardens. It’s been an absolute pleasure being back & making a meaningful connection. Long Beach is a place I can keep going to because there’s wonderful company and amazing food. We ended our trip eating Yakitori, sipping sake, and having Ice Coffee (Croatian style!).

Since I only carry one wedding with me on my destinations, I had ample time to edit these badboys without my son interrupting!


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