Stacy + Greg

The Lord Jeffrey Inn, Amherst, MA

In planning this wedding, I was fortunate enough to get to know Stacy and Greg better over the course of a few months. They are extremely kind, thoughtful, and witty. Greg also happens to the most down to earth science teacher I’ve ever met. Stacy is the youngest of three daughters and last to walk down the aisle. Her mother cried before the dress left the hanger. Greg, on the other hand, got ready by himself in his room. Instead of a huge celebration, Stacy and Greg decided to have a small wedding at The Lord Jeffrey Inn in Amherst, MA. They wanted their experience stress-free and with only their immediate families present. This was my first elopement and my smallest wedding to date.

Greg and his bride shared their first look on the rooftop. This was later followed by a beautiful afternoon ceremony with less than twenty-five people. This included our crew and their JP. Their dinner table was long and reminiscent of a dining table dressed for a warm holiday meal.At night, the music was selected by Stacy’s sisters and niece off of an iphone. At night, her father would lift and spin the young guests with bravado. For such a small group, this wedding was overwhelmingly full of love, music, and laughter. The focus of their day was towards themselves, family, and photos. Greg wasn’t kidding when he sheepishly told me we’d be a tenth of his wedding guest.